REGINALD K. BLOUNT                             



       Reginald K. Blount is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated from Paxon Sr. High School. In 1987, Reginald enlisted in the United States Army,  serving with U.S. Army Special Operations Command and 412th CA BN; (4 combat tours) leading three Civil Affairs (CA) Teams that worked with non-government organizations, Department of Agriculture and Department of State personnel, including a number of foreign government officials and province leaders. In 2015, Blount was among the top CA Soldiers in the entire US Army and was 1 of only 2 Senior noncommissioned officers selected to attend a special strategic program at the Naval Post-Graduate school, developed by the United State Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. In 2016, he retired after serving a 30 year military.  In 2017, Reginald worked in Adult Continuing Education at Florida State College of Jacksonville and is currently an Adjunct Professor.   He is a youth program training developer and mentor, works with several non-prophet volunteer organizations, and is a regular OPED columnist with the Jacksonville Free Press and Florida Star Newspapers. Reginald received an Associate in Commercial Graphics from Tampa Tech Institute, his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Masters degree in Public Policy from Liberty University, and a Graduate Certificate from the Naval Post Graduate School.     



                                           FIRST SERGEANT BLOUNT                                                            AFGHANISTAN 2007


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